Search all your favourite local businesses, find all the best deals and see how you can support your community while enjoying all your favourite goods and services. It really is that easy!

Support Local is a friendly neighbourhood go-to guide for small businesses and local shoppers alike. Stay in the loop with all the newest and nearest spots to shop, or list your own small business and connect with people who are looking for a shop just like yours.

why supporting local is more than just a hashtag

Supporting a local business doesn’t only help you find sustainably sourced and quality goods, but it gives you a chance to directly impact a local families life. Shopping local helps us take care of each other, support our community and spend our money on products that don’t only benefit ourselves, but supports a household. That’s a BIG YES for us!

how will supporting local benefit me?

  • Shop high-quality goods and services that are near you
  • Be introduced to new local brands and businesses
  • Shop sustainably and help support your community